Nespresso Origin Brazil Coffee Pod

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SWEET AND SATINY SMOOTH - Enjoy as an espresso or with milk

Brazil is our smooth talker. It starts with mild Brazilian arabicas from the arid Savannahs of the Cerrado region. They give this origin coffee its characteristic toasted sweet cereal note. We blend in semi-washed processed Bourbon coffee beans from southern Brazil’s hilltop plantations and São Paulo estates and that gives this Nespresso Professional capsule its elegant honeyed sweetness. The coffees are split-roasted; the natural (unwashed) Cerrado beans get a light roast and the semi-washed Bourbon gets a longer roast to develop its sweetness. Try this coffee with milk and watch it bring out a smooth caramel aroma and those toasted notes in the Brazilian coffees.


This Nespresso Professional capsule is an all-Brazilian arabica coffee blend with a sweet cereal note characteristic of its origin. 


Origin Brazil is a smooth talker. It’s elegant and delicate, and neither bitter nor acidic. Its classic Brazilian sweet cereal notes and hint of toasted grain makes it a winner if you're looking for an exceptionally smooth and mild coffee.


Roast and ground coffee

Made in Switzerland



$1.00 per coffee pod*

*we will buy back any unused pods for $1.00 each when we pickup your order

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