Nespresso Origin Guatemala Coffee Pod

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BOLD AND SILKY - Enjoy as an espresso or long black

Guatemala is a blend of Guatemalan arabica and fine robusta coffees. The surprising element is that both the arabica and the robusta are washed-processed, giving a silky-smooth texture to the robusta’s intense dry, malty cereal note and its classic bitterness. We give a short and light roast to both the arabica and robusta split in this Nespresso Professional capsule. This develops the boldness while keeping the aromatic complexity alive. Guatemala is a bold coffee, but its strength is disarming.


This Nespresso Guatemala is a blend of arabica and robusta – all from Guatemala. 


Nespresso Guatemala's intense dry and malty cereal notes are tempered by its elegant bitterness and a silky-smooth texture. You’ll catch that classic cereal note of Robusta, but it’s laced with a fine, dry vegetal note that adds to the blend’s complexity. Guatemala is a bold coffee, but its strength is disarming.


Roast and ground coffee

Made in Switzerland



$1.00 per coffee pod*

*we will buy back any unused pods for $1.00 each when we pickup your order

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