Nespresso Origin India Coffee Pod

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INTENSE AND SPICY - Best served with milk

Powerful and spicy – its aromatic intensity hits your palate with a noble punch. The coffees are hand-harvested and carefully selected, coming mostly from one single state in southern India – Karnataka. We light roast the arabica coffees to keep those subtle aromatics intact. The robusta gets a short, dark roast to bring out the punchy cocoa and spice notes. Exotic spice notes and a rich roastiness come through in Origin India with milk.


The coffees in Origin India are hand-harvested and carefully selected mostly from one single state in southern India – Karnataka. You’ll only taste the purest coffees in Origin India. 


India's aromas echo the coffee’s origin. The woody notes and that noble punch of clove, nutmeg and pepper all reflect what grows between the coffee trees in southern India.


Roast and ground coffee

Made in Switzerland



$1.00 per coffee pod*

*we will buy back any unused pods for $1.00 each when we pickup your order

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